all college math professors have accents. apparently.

populations history.... is like wth. goes too deep into political and economic implications of race for my liking. its one of those classes in which you have to think, and think something. like make an opinion on a controversial topic and write a paper on it. nooooo.... 40% of my grade is on two papers. yay. theres tons of reading too. yay. no textbook, so i have to print them all out. yay. i will have compiled a textbook by the end of this quarter. if i dont run out of paper first. yay. btw all those yays are sarcastic.

so the good news is that i changed my grading option to pass/fail for this class. hm maybe i shouldnt do that because it reminds me a lot of mccowns class where i think im gonna fail cuz i dont wanna think about what im doing, and then i get the highest score in the class on a paper i wrote the night before. ... hmmmmmm. as long as i can get those papers down, ill be good in the class. ... yeah actually i think i can do it. mccown said she graded my papers like she would a college freshman's. i guess that means im ok. i will take a risk and change it back to letter grade. what a fuzzy insecure feeling i have right now but ok.

also, im going to the beach tonight. ppl here go to the beach like ppl in cupertino go to get froyo. thats only slightly exaggerated.

also, i concluded that i will indeed gain the freshman fifteen, but in leg muscle from walking those stairs all day every day. watch me.

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  1. ahhhhhhhhhhhh

    ewwww. elena with buff legs. EWWWWWWWWWW

    i hope ur not refering to me about getting froyo....