bad day today. I GOT IN MY FIRST CAR ACCIDENT EVER. and it WAS my fault. i was in a parking lot. going at like 2 mph. and i misjudged the distance between my car and the car in the space next to the one i was trying to park in. i misjudged distance???? usually i overestimate. and i wasnt even close to being alarmed at how close i was to the car. this must be a God thing. because its uncharacteristic of me to underestimate distances. sigh maybe it was a God thing, but it was still lame cuz the lady was sitting in her car and she was really upset even tho i barely dented her car. i only got my white paint on her green car, mostly. she was seriously going to call the police. good thing she didnt. anyway. it was very lame. mostly because she was so upset. i thought she was going to start lecturing me or yelling at me or something but she suppressed it mostly. sigh. anyway i was standing around waiting for her to copy my insurance information, getting more and more late to worship practice every minute, but it was so clear in my mind that God had this happen for a reason. unfortunately i dont know what that reason is. yet. therefore, i think this sucks. this sucks. rawr.

anyway in case your curious you can barely tell anything happened to my car because the fronts already scratched up so much that the recent addition doesnt change the landscape much. this only sucks because she was upset. if she wasnt upset it would go right over my head and i would barely remember to tell my parents. i hate making ppl upset. i mean hate there quite literally. i dont care if i messed up my car, and i dont care if i have to pay her hundreds of dollars and my insurance goes up. but the fact that she was upset ugh. she was also very suspicious of me and thought i was gonna drive off when i backed up and tried to park my car properly next to her car before i got out to talk. and she wouldnt give me her name either. sigh i feel very bad. she wouldnt accept my apology either.

anyway. -_-


  1. I am sure she was upset before you hit her car, so it's not your fault about her upset. It's your fault you misjudged the distance, since I witnessed/prevented it once. It might be an accident that you didn't have accident like this one, my fault didn't warn you enough.