hello. this is for ppl who care to know whats going on in my life in sd w/o having to call me every day. many ppl are starting blogs so i thought i would follow the trend. sometimes i will be random and sometimes i will be serious. posts will be sporadic and ungrammatically correct. its called hello real world cuz cupertino is a bubble. the url is trees have fruit in reference to the matthew passage about telling a tree by its fruit. good trees have good fruit and bad trees have bad fruit. i wish to be a good tree.

so anyway, i begin by saying that while i am still scared about heading off into the unknown, i am starting to get excited again because God backs me and ill be ok. senior was awesome for me. im gonna make every year a senior year at ucsd. even tho i think ill be miserable the first quarter. its ok. thats still exciting. carpe diem 抓紧时间。

in other news, i love jesus very much.


  1. That a girl :D

    "I came that they may have and enjoy life, and have it in abundance (to the full, till it overflows)." John 10:10b (Amp)

    May your life in SD be abundant and full till it overflows.

  2. AMEN!! i'm so excited to read your blog :)

  3. ZHUA JIN SHI JIAN! yupyupyup. ^^

  4. yay blog. i have added you to google reader. :)