hm so i got my ears pierced today. random? will it make more sense or will it shock you more to hear that i want two on each ear so i figure i'd ease in by doing just one set now? lol i can only imagine my friends being like wth, but erica has already surprised me by saying it makes more sense for me to have two.

why did i not announce this earlier? because its not esp exciting to have one set.
why do i want two? i like the way it looks. in fact i feel like i am in an awkward transitional phase right now with only one. that is why there are no pictures.
why did i only get one today? so i dont scare you guys too much. or my parents for that matter. itll be too sudden, as you will probably agree. BUT NEXT YEAR. actually we'll see if i still feel like it.
why did i do it today of all days? because im going to college and ppl there do not have expectations of me to fit any mold, and when i come home and ppl at home see it, theyll just assume its because college has changed me and they havent seen me in a while so it's not so random. this is the easiest time for me to change myself. my outward self i mean. i am working on the wardrobe.

please keep in mind that i am still the same person you already know, despite outward changes, however shocking they may be (im trying to keep the shock factor low). if you do not appreciate my outward changes, then you do not appreciate me for me, as a living and changing person.

more q&a
am i trying to fit an image? if i change my appearance, i change it to please myself, not to fit in with a certain group. i do what strikes my fancy, and my tastes do change. therefore, i am trying to create an image of who i am now, not someone i want to be.
isnt it un-God-centered to do things to please myself (as in the way i phrased the above question)? i love God so much that for the most part, what pleases me will also please him.

now dont say i didnt warn you in case i decide to change myself drastically in college (which i do not foresee due to budget but is possible, depending on your definition of drastic). that being said, im not promising any changes either.


  1. cool. :) i hope you keep the piercings in your ears only, though. it gets messy in other places.

  2. ow did it hurt? ;P
    ELENA is so cool

  3. Whoaaa! I was just thinking about ear-piercings today, too...haha how weird. =P Hmm...well, let me know how it works out...


    Out of curiosity, where would they be...cartilage? ><" Eek I think that hurts a lot.

  4. By the way, what do your parents think of it? :)

  5. ruth: nonear piercings have not yet caught my eye you better hope they never do lol. also i dont see myself ever getting more than a few on my ears, if even that much haha.

    leon: it felt like getting a shot haha, only less painful, haha.

    dawning: naw, two earlobe piercings... kind of like... http://images.absoluteastronomy.com/images/encyclopediaimages/n/na/navel_curve_as_earring.jpg. i had cartilage in mind for a while but im not getting that anytime soon and hopefully i will grow out of that whim lol. yeah. so i thought i'd be nice and let my parents know before i did it, and theyre kinda like uh why, but go ahead if you really want. lol.

  6. @elena: good. ;) i think two will look cool. but things will get caught on them so it was too much of a bother for me.

    btw, in the photo you posted, the dangling one is for navels.

  7. lol wth. so it is. whatever, the point was the position of the piercings lol.