last weekend at hoc5 for a long time. hm. kinda feels like graduating from mv. im graduating from hoc5. and ill come back and visit, sure, but it wont be my home church anymore. hm. i kinda feel like... sad its ending but excited for the new doors that will open. hm yeah.


  1. I still call it my home church...hmm...I wonder if I should change that. =/

  2. Hey Elena. It's Sapphire and I found your blog! It's kinda nice to be able to see what people are doing outside of the Cupertino bubble.

    Oh, and you're going to open a million new doors, I'm sure, but it's not like finding a new church will take away anything from what you had at that one. :)

  3. HI SAPPHIRE :D actually i havent left cupertino yet lol.