midnight adventures with michelle:
7pm: dinner at bjs
9pm: go to jollyman park to break a cute dinosaur pinata... in the dark.
9:15pm: spend forever trying to throw the rope over the branch of a tree with the aid of an umbrella. ... under a street lamp. looks like we're trying to do something illegal, but we werent. also sounds like we're drunk or something sometimes, but we werent. i tried to climb the tree and my feet slipped off except my arm was stuck in a fork of the tree so i didnt die. i have battle scars now.
9:30pm: hang and beat, aka lynch, the cute dinosaur pinata with an umbrella... under a street lamp in a deserted park. nothing illegal involved, despite appearances.
9:40pm: break the umbrella. and then break the pinata. ... under the same street lamp.
9:50pm: stick the head of the dead dinosaur on the end of the fence... like in lord of the flies. pose and take pictures with it. in the dark. marvel over the nerds spilling out of the hole in the top of the head like brains.
10:10pm: decide to go to memorial park to play risk. in the dark.

at this point i decided to desert them. sorry guys, but i hope youre having fun. for all i know, theyre probably still there right now, playing risk in the dark. and i thought my other friends were crazy lol.

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