ppl outside in the common area were talking about how iv came and introduced themselves to them or something... after they told me that they came to look for me when i wasnt here and i went back to my room. left my door open and heard them talk. well anyway to make a long story short one girl (not sure which) was like CHRISTIANS after telling how an iv guy introduced himself as a small group leader. like someone might say PARENTS in exasperation. and then she goes on to say shes "technically" christian. methodist. ok i dont mind you not liking christians, but there is no technical in christianity. if your technically a christian, your not a christian. period. you're a pharisee. go read romans. real christians are not under the law so there is no technical.


  1. ahhhhhhhhhhh

    what, this is kinda confusing. all i got was you saying that if ur technically christian, than ur not a christian. everything above that was like gibberish.


  2. oh i was obviously too flustered. the point is that she doesnt like christians. dont worry about it heh.