so i finally have reliable internet, so i can post here. :]]

sd is awesome and i love it. arrived friday late afternoon and found out they werent checking out carts anymore so i called soomin to see if she could help me move my stuff to the 5th floor, and apparently she just happened to be with her iv small group helping ppl at revelle move in yay, so i got my boxes up w/o touching a single one, thank you guys. and i met my roommate and unpacked. shes cool. iv invited us to in-n-outs, but my moms friends family, whos daughter is also a freshman at revelle, invited me out to dinner also, so i went with them and it was cool and stuff.

the room is bigger than i expected, and almost as good as the one i had at berkeley, which was hotel status. the beds are so high. its like up to my ribs when i stand, thats how tall. i can fit all my boxes/suitcases under it w/o breaking down anything. its just hard to get onto. and yeah. if you wanna see my awesome room which i have decorated by now, webcam me. :] i seriously have pictures plastered on all possible surfaces, including the inside of my wardrobe hehe. our bathroom is shared between TWO suites (13 ppl) and the shower stalls.... well theres two and the partition between them is made of fuzzy glass. -_- AND only the actual shower stalls are separated. you come out directly into the same area. meaning you dress and undress in the same place. WTF THATS SO LAME. ok yeah. yay 8am classes maybe ill take my showers at 7am. maybe.

and then on sunday i went to visit soomins church called coast vineyard and it was SOOOOO AWESOMEEEEE esp the worship. totally spiritfilled. walked in late and started crying right away cuz of the movement of the holy spirit, yep. and the ppl were really nice and welcoming and it was very comfortable and stuff and they gave me a cd yay. AND i saw oliver and said hi. he has a mohawk when did that happen lol. yeah i really like it and i wanna stay, but i think im gonna look around more, in case God wants to lead me elsewhere. and then i spent the rest of the day walking around looking for stuff.... floor and college meetings.... stuff... yeah.

and then today i went to take my japanese placement exam and missed the building so i stopped to look at a map in marshall.... and this random guy comes up and hes like it looks like your looking at a map. are you trying to find a place? and he was really nice and he walked me to the building. apparently he was giving out flyers for another christian group called the upper room. yay the christians on campus are such awesome reps of jesus. :]] to make a long story short, since i forgot a lot of my jap4h stuff, they recommended 20a this quarter for review, or self review and take 20b winter quarter. im doing option 2. before the interview when they graded my hearing exam they said 20c or 130a. lol. apparently my listening is better than speaking.

yeah and then i spent a long time walking to marshall to have lunch with dongjia and her friends, and then back to revelle. seriously, i think ucsd is the size of cupertino. really tired now. again. walking up and down 5 stories like 10 times a day.... and yeah.


ok yeah enough for now. on the first day i talked on the phone for over 2 hours cuz ppl kept calling me haha. good thing it was saturday... so yeah, less phone if you can help it on weekdays (except nights) because i only have my cell phone now. i used like 200 min over the given 550 when i went to doctor camp. hooray for rolled over minutes to fall back on... yeah.

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