highlights from the weekend:

1. i have bruises on my forearms from playing vball. yay vball.

2. i had korean tofu soup stuff 2 nights ago. yay korean food. so good after dining hall food.

3. costco has cheap food. yay costco.

4. i saw a british columbia license plate at costco. yay british columbia lol.

5. i went to harbor presbyterian church yesterday and their congregation is pretty small, so they actually ask for prayer requests and individually pray for those requests during service. pretty cool.

6. i also got about nothing done this weekend.

7. im starting to get guitar callouses on my fingers yay.

8. psych class is apparently cancelled today. again. i havent had this class in a week. my midterm is also postponed. we are extremely behind schedule.

9. i am extremely happy here.

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