i have a dilemma. i have a big dilemma that is long term and can wait, and i have a small dilemma that must be dealt with now.

the small dilemma is this: God wants me to go to the sick girl in the neighboring suite and ask if i can pray for her.

the big dilemma is this: God wants me to abandon plans of being a teacher and go the medical route so i can pray for sick ppl.

the underlying problem here is that God has called me to pray for ppl to heal them of physical sickness.


yeah. giving up my life to a God who thinks things i dont begin to understand was crazy. but its cool.

but seriously, what kind of doctor heals his patients by praying for them? who ever heard of any such thing. and why would i go through med school and all that just so i can heal them by praying? God's shrugging at me right now. meaning i dont need to know. fine.

back to the girl in the other suite. she thinks she has swine flu, which is def a possibility. sorry im evading the point now. but God, this is scary as hell. it has never occurred to me to pray for a nonchristian like this before. ive only done it for believing christians, which is less scary because theyre not like wth if you say can i pray for you.

anyway. the thing it boils down to is this: do i obey God or do i not?


  1. hands down, i would obey God in your situation of praying for the girl. Its nothing as serious compared to your big dilemma.

    Back then, you told Wesley that God hasn't been telling you to do crazy things for him lately. Now there you go. He has asked something from you.

    And even if she might think it was a bit awkward or creepy, thats fine. she is in the neighboring suite. it wont be as awkward as the room next to you or ur roommate.

    Oscar and I had a discussion a few nights about about how we categorize people. We see people in their own groups. There are the cool "popular" kids that do drugs. There are the nerdy girls that no one seems to notice. There are the very spirited school individuals, and many more. Then we talked about how you and Wes had the ability to see everyone as merely a person and nothing more, which is a very good thing. So I hope you will pray for her as a person rather than as either a christian or nonchristian.

  2. Well said. What happened afterwards? Did you pray? Did God heal? Is it a swine flu?

  3. yeah i prayed and nothing happened immediately but the next time i talked to her she was perfectly healthy. who knows if it was swine flu. prlly not?