last night i was TRYING to go back to my room, so i went up the stairs i usually take, but for some reason i thought i was going up the other set of stairs when i got to the top, and since argo is more or less symmetical, i couldnt really tell the difference at the top. i stood at the top of the stairs thinking, should i go back to my room first, or should i stop by neilsons room to get the solutions manual? i decided to go back to my room, so i went to what i thought was my suite, except the door was closed and i was too lazy to get my card out, so i went through the door of what i thought was the adjoining suite, since it was open...... only to find myself in a guys suite. can you imagine how confused i was. lol. half of me was rather embarrassed and wanted to leave very quickly, but luckily it just so happened to be neilsons suite, so i was like hm maybe ill just pretend i meant to come here and get the solutions manual i was going to get anyway? also very luckily, he happened to be on his way out, so before i could decide, he had given me the solutions manual. ... so disillusioned.

also i had guava last night. REAL guava. it tasted like a plant. ...not at all like guava juice lol.

shoutout to bryan for finally telling his mom that he's christian and not getting owned for it as expected. :]]]]]] yayyy bryan.

some stalkerish ppl somehow managed to send me a care package in the middle of bible study last night via another person in the bible study. how the heck did they know i was with jeff?? like he got up, went outside, and came back with a package in the middle of luke 10. wth. lol.

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  1. *GASP* stalker horror stories!