time to be azn for a day and face the facts. 65% is a bad score to be a third of your course grade.
time to stop being azn. thats 5% better than expected and i can still reasonably hope for an a/b in the class. but even if i dont get that, somehow that doesnt bother me. i learned something about the rms speed of molecules in a nonideal gas. that, of course, makes failing the class totally ok.
on the other hand, maybe i should study more than two hours the night before next time.


  1. well, 2 hrs the night before is much better than my 1 hr before class.

    and if u get 65% in a third of your class, that means you already have gotten 21.45% in the class. there is another 67% in the class that you can get, which results in a 88.45% highest. u cant get an A, im sorry. =[[

  2. i did not specify how there was hope. but there is still hope. 88.45%, for example, would be an a. and other things i dont feel like delineating right now.

  3. oh yeah. its curved, i forgot. so you can get an A! yayyy.