yeah i did it. OMGSH I DID SOMETHING SCARY FOR JESUS WHOOOO. so now she thinks im a very nice person, but seriously, God, just heal her and astound us with your power cuz being a nice person means nothing. i can be nice w/o being awkward and saying can i pray for you to someone i met a week ago. i dont just want her to think im a very nice person, i want her to be captured by God's love and power. i want her to taste the reality of God.

anyway. funny thing is, before i approached her, i had a passing thought in my head that she might tell me she grew up catholic or something. and then i approached her for reals, and she told me she went to a catholic school. which is interesting. dunno if i can account that to God speaking to me, or if i just made that up and it happened to be true. anyway. that was random.

so there you go. resolution to the previous post. sort of.


  1. congratzz
    lol god probably spoke to you unless it was like thought of b4
    PTL + LLJ
    apparently LLJ means love lord jesus @ skool

  2. yay! praise the lord!
    i am committed to reading the bible every day despite the distracting college experience. help keep me accountable.