a few things:
1. it feels like christmas here
2. it feels like i never left
3. first night after getting home i dream about school lol
4. i squished cocoa
5. i played my piano
6. i hung out with my friends
7. i made cookie dough to bake later
8. i drove
9. played taboo
10. played speed scrabble
11. played ninja
12. played smash
13. played apples to apples
14. now i realize how dirty/messy my house is and am determined to clean it up before i leave
15. i met another guy from lowell/ucsd on the plane
16. i met two other people from ucsd at the airport in san diego
17. I MANAGED TO PICK OUT MV AND KENNEDY AND LINCOLN FROM THE AIRPLANEE!!!! no joke. i was like oh that looks like 280. oh look its two schools next to each other. wait the layout of that one looks a lot like kennedy. wait the layout of the other one next to it looks a lot like mv. wait that must be lincoln next to it. oh look theres where 85 connects with 280. OMGSH IT IS MV AND KENNEDY.
18. picked persimmons
19. burned a candle

numbers 4-13, 19 all before i went to bed last night. :] i am so efficient at accomplishing things. and number 2 is due to numbers 4-13.


  1. it felt like you didnt leave because all of us was like normal instead of OMG ELENA IS BACK!!!!

  2. Haven't heard of Ninja or Smash (!) but you can play Speed Scrabble Online. It's pretty fun :)