highlights of the weekend:
tae kwon do in argo 543
hiking on a hill w/o trees in a land far far away. hooray for nancy being a mom and helping me pack lunch and do my laundry on this hectic day.
pumpkin pie from julian, ca
eating tons of pumpkin pie because i dont have a fridge to store it. yes i bought a whole pie
drawing up my own 4 year plan for graduation
more pumpkin pie
hanging out with friend from irvine, who happens to be named julian too
spontaneous piano
more spontaneous piano
i miss jesus
introduction to heavy metal music?

not part of my weekend:

minimally part of my weekend:
ethnic studies reading

psych midterm monday (tomorrow!), chem midterm thur. i like to cram, if you so call it that.
jk i studied for psych mostly already. and its not called cramming if i do chem like 2 days before the midterm, right?

oh shoot i forgot to take the ethnic studies reading quiz.

oh jk its not even up. nor is the essay prompt. did the prof die or something...?

so anyway, yes i do miss jesus. devos have not been consistent because i havent been able to focus. why? sorry. i want more jesus. i miss you jesus, sweet lover. after to write love on her arms day, a darker past has been closer to the surface of my mind than it should be. i feel a little fragile, like anything might set me off again. i'm hungry for jesus. jesus erases sadness. jesus fixes the broken. jesus has erased my sadness and fixed my brokenness. jesus loves me.

i love you too, jesus.

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  1. maybe you're having too much fun, which is distracting you from Jesus