i called my grandma today.

[translated from chinese]
grandma: do you have friends?
me: of course
grandma: no i mean, that kind of friend
me: ... you mean a boyfriend?
grandma: yeah
me: lol no.
grandma: ok well it's time to start thinking about that
me: .... lol ok
grandma: yeah, it's time to start looking into things
me: ok i know
grandma: and maybe start looking around and considering people
me: ok
grandma: and then maybe discuss it with him.
me: ok
grandma: understand?
me: yeah.
grandma: ok good.
me: but i want a good one so i'm going to take my time
grandma: of course of course, but its time to start thinking about it.
me: lol ok.
grandma: understand?
me: yes
grandma: so study hard and start looking for a boyfriend
me: ok
grandma: got it?
me: yeah
grandma: ok that's it for now. bye
me: bye

what the heck lol.

on another note, i watched twelfth night just now. that was fun. it was strikingly similar to comedy of errors tho.

on another other note, i went to coast today instead of harbor cuz i wanted to get back in time to watch twelfth night. i am so glad i went. she talked about surrendering to jesus to the point of persecution and humiliation and even death. hard to capture in a blog post but it was cool. nothing ive never heard before, but a good reminder. and at the end shes like if you are committing to surrender your life to jesus (and all that) please come to the front so we can pray for you. i went to the front and stood around and this one lady on the prayer team approached me. i didnt mean to talk about being called to the medical field (in fact i didnt mean to talk about anything), but i ended up talking about it anyway, and i talked of how i didnt know what to make of it because it's kind of random and shes like well, i'm a doctor and i pray for my patients. im like OMG REALLY????? thats not coincidence. she said God told her to come and pray for me haha. but yeah. good day.


  1. PUMPKIN peacan PIE11/22/09, 7:43 PM

    God does amazing things through people

  2. i spelled pecan wrong...

    you're grandmas funny. maybe all grandmas think alike because she tells me similar things every other time i talk to her, if not every time. O_O

  3. :D
    best luck to you flirty