I GOT A GUITAR!!!!!!!!!!!! that was very unexpected. my dad was like you want a guitar? lets buy a guitar. lol God's pretty cool. many things i ask for i receive. not to say that God's a vending machine, but he does love to bless his children. i wasnt even like I REALLY WANT A GUITAR. it was just like, well a guitar would be cool. and yeah, it fell into my hands. :] you know what else would be cool? mp3 player or ipod or something. i didnt mention that to anyone because it seemed so trivial. and yesterday my dad was randomly like, you know, we have a $200 giftcard to apple, you want anything? ............ wth lol.

today was black friday and we spent hundreds of dollars in one morning. amazing. my dad is somewhat less stingy than he used to be, thats interesting. i'm finding that i'm more stingy than him now. he's like $25 shoes!!! buy more!!! and i'm like uh i thought the $10 range was more acceptable. but ok, whatever, stimulate the economy. i bought three pairs of shoes, is that overkill or what. i will abstain from buying shoes for 12 months.

in other news, i skipped my opc for one morning, the first morning i got home, and i got sick.


  1. 12 months? haha. 3 years make more sense. all the pair of shoes i have is 2 years plus.