last night was fun. good to see everyone again. i was getting tired of doing nothing over break. thank you wesley for sharing. i'm sorry for lying during worship because i sang the words w/o knowing what i was singing. break has not been good for my spiritual life, somehow.

in other news, i'm sick and not feeling good.

on the plane ride this morning, during the descent, my right ear wouldnt pop. all the way to the ground, it wouldnt pop. it was so painful. i thought my eardrum was going to pop from pressure difference. it wouldnt pop til like an hour after we landed. painful. and i was half deaf for that hour too.

but yeah. heard it was freezing and raining in la jolla yesterday, but i wasnt here to witness it. its back to normal today.


  1. thank you so much for that "thank you", sista, i really needed that. break has been very interesting for me too regarding my spiritual life, i actually started feeling weak after being cupertino, but it is when i am weak that i am strong, i think God's teaching me something, i think He'll give me words to share soon on my blog. but anyway, thank you sis.

  2. after being in cupertino*