note to self: studying causes stress. studying raises my expectations for myself which puts me under pressure to do better.
on the one hand, i dont like to be stressed out and its not good for me.
on the other hand, studying probably somewhat raises my test scores.
MARGINAL UTILITY!!! i must optimize this curve to find the amt of studying that has the highest profit margin. i also i dont know what i'm talking about.

anyway MY CHEM EXAM IS OVER WHOOOOOOOOOOOOT. we shall ignore the fact that i have two ethnic studies papers to do for next week and celebrate.

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  1. haha. in junior year, i found my optimization. with the help of mrs. mccomb, i found out that, in my case specficially, i learn 80% of the material through 20 minutes of studying, 90% in 30 minutes, and 95% in an hour.