proposed classes for next quarter (19 units):
japn20b (2nd year jap - 5 units) [seriously? four years melts into a little over one year?]
chem6bh (general chem honors - 4 units)
mus8 (american music - 4 units) [its like music history]
hum1 (foundations of western civilization: israel and greece - 6 units) [that is, humanities. required history/english class]

my proposed schedule looks like an elephant. in fact it scares me a little cuz its seems like so many classes after this quarter. plus i made them all late morning so its like.... packed in that time frame.

at the end of fall quarter, i will be at 44 units, making me an almost sophomore. sophomore standing is 45 units. i had no idea my aps did so much.


  1. ew, musc8. ew hum1. EWWWW chem.

    ME TOO! at the end of fall, i will stand at 32 units. sophmores end fall at 36. ^^. yay birdsong.

  2. ;Slkdjf;sldk;fs you take honors classes still? Hmm...

  3. for fun. it is the equivalent of normal chem in all admininistrative respects. except you learn more, so you only take it if you actually wanna learn more just to learn more. :]