thursdays my off day and i did nothing productive yesterday. this is the reason.

theres this talent show thingy called cup of culture coming up at the end of nov. lylan was trying to get me and/or neilson to play something. somehow she suggested we do a song about revelle. i said if you write the words ill put it to music and we'll play it. and i was half-serious, but i didnt think she'd do it. well she did it and its so funny you can see it on facebook. its so monta vistan. anyway. i put the first verse to music yesterday morning (btw, i discovered if i audio-recorded myself brainstorming, its so much easier to capture good ideas, songwriters you should try it if you havent already). and then in the afternoon i showed neilson and he found it so catchy that we played it about a billion times and got it stuck in everyones head.... in fact i bet its still stuck in some ppls heads right now (i can write tv jingles!).... uh yes. thats where my yesterday went.

in case your wondering, i'm not positive about actually performing it at cup of culture. but yeah it was fun, and i'm gonna try to write a chorus tomorrow... yeah. we'll see how it develops haha. as of now its happy sounding music with words that ... dont quite fit the music, which is i guess what makes it funny yay lylan. one part sounds like viva la vida I DIDNT PLAGARIZE IT CUZ ITS LESS THAN 8 MEASURES OF SIMILAR NOTES. and i made it very epic when i announce that i didnt get in ucla. hehe. and donald would be proud to know that i used nonstandard chords in some spots. i shall see if i can incorporate a little blues, a little jazz later haha. this is the perfect oppurtunity to experiment and mix genres hehe.

on another note (haha), this is the first time anyones seriously sung/played my music before (and got it stuck in their heads!) and its a weirdish feeling... ive always been too shy to display my music before but i guess college makes me come out of my shell a little.



  1. I'm wrong about the 8 measures thing. I just read that the law says it has to sound "uniquely similar" but that is often disputed. We won't get sued unless we're famous (and possibly rich). If we're not going to perform at Cup of Culture, we should just play for our floor or a small group of friends or something. I'm going to see if I can bring my keyboard from home too! Yay, more practice!

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