uh something about 32% uc fee increase... my ethnic studies class is cancelled on friday, which is my prof's way of protesting, i guess. something about something going on at ucla right now, voting on fee increase, protests, stuffs. class was scary today because my prof is highly upset about this fee increase thing because it makes less ppl able to go to college, which is apparently racially discriminant because people of lower income are disproportionately people of color or something. anyway. class is cancelled on friday she says. you are to observe the going ons at ucla and write a paper connecting the current uc crisis with the themes we have been studying in class and its due on monday, she says. btw, go to ucla to protest, go to the sleep-in go to whatever, they say. that was class today. people applauded at the end cuz she was so intense and passionate.

anyway. about this fee increase. 1. it wont make much of a diff in my life. 2. capitalism is taking over the world and look what its doing.

today i realized it has a bigger impact than i was aware of. because of my prof's rantings, i now realize that a lot of people really wont be able to afford to go to a uc anymore, and people of color will indeed be disproportionately affected. that sucks.

tho its hard to say if we're having money problems because the govt is being stupid in managing our finances or because the people are being stupid in their votes by wanting capitalism when it comes to taxes and socialism when it comes to social services.

anyway. this sucks. not because i dont want to pay more money, but because it will strain so many other families financially and indeed prevent some people from even getting a uc education.

what if my dad decides to retire like hes been jawing about for the past 5 years.
no way.
what about when my sister goes to college and we have to pay twice as much. thats a little of a strain.
what about when i go to med school.
i have to stop dreaming about the future.


  1. in my opinion, it is okay to dream about the future. It is only a dream, and dreams rarely comes true. When it is time though, I will face reality and do what God wants me to do. But for now, I dream, because I have nothing else to do in class besides daydreaming or working out random math problems in my head that i assign myself to. -_-

  2. oh i meant dream about the future as in worry about the future.

  3. yeah. i realized that what you meant was worrying about the future after i turned off the computer. so i was like. why my post was pointless then.