whyyyyyyy am i taking ethn1a pass/fail. -______________- i just got back my first essay and i am doing exceptionally well in that class. exceptionally. better than any other class, even psych with the open note take home midterm. i'm so confused. did she even read the essay?? rawr. i am about to get a solid A w/o a curve in this class and i am taking it pass fail so it doesnt go into my gpa. sad. note to self: take more risks.

in other news, sound wasnt very good at cup of culture last night and i couldnt hear myself. but apparently everyone else could. as in... only my voice came out mostly? thats scary. i am scared to watch any recording. and very sadly, people said they couldnt hear the words, which in my opinion was the best part. so maybe i made a fool of myself, but practicing was fun.


  1. hahaha. well, i will watch the recording. ^^

    oh well. its only one out of the 40+ classes you'll be taking at SD. just make all of those A/B/C/insignificant

  2. Sorry for you. I think it's a very good reflection to be appreciated.