wow. i can totally graduate early. at least one quarter. right now my four year plan says i wont even be a full time student in my fourth year. also interesting: i have absolutely no bio classes frosh and soph years, and then my third and fourth years are almost 100% bio classes. ...what few classes there are anyway. if i graduate early, i can save my dad thousands of dollars, but ill also be missing out of my last quarter (or 2?) of college booo.
anyway, too early to say right now. i shall go back to chem now. its really starting to tire me.


  1. seriously, i think ur being too simple-minded with this college experience thing.

  2. perhaps i am perhaps i am but i'm a freshman AND MY CHEM MIDTERM IS OVER NOW. yayyy.

    but yes like i said, its too early to say anything right now.