12 am. chaotic yelling and cheering outside. get up and pull open the blinds to find what looks like the mv guys water polo team's annual speedo run, on crack. half naked people everywhere like ants, flooding clics and jumping in the fountain which appeared to be filled with soap suds. oh my. crazy college kids. go back to bed to listen to their noisy chaos. was it a dream? no the fountain's still full of suds or whatever it was. -_-

mental playlist: the words i would say (sidewalk prophets)


  1. teehee :[
    awww elena wear earplugs like donald.
    :[ sadface tell them next time to go away :P

  2. there was hundreds of them. and my ear infection unfortunately prevents me from wearing earplugs lol.

  3. yeah... it's the infamous ucsd undie run.... i totally told you about it before when you were in hs and i was a freshman @ lehigh and you said for that reason you'd never go to sd... :P

  4. i totally remember you telling me but i dont remember saying i'd never go to ucsd. but yeah i see why i would say that. i was expecting it this week but not at 12 am. at least they had the decency to do it at 12 am.

  5. MV WATERPOLO TEAM SPEEDO RUN!?!? what an insult. we will never do such.