been sick... not been going to class... been getting behind everywhere. today was finally able to get up for more than 1 hour at a time and get some work done, but not really. week 10 is not a good week to get sick. i dont have buffer time between now and finals to catch up. fever went away earlier today but is back now. but we'll be ok. i have awesome friends who do very sweet things to help a sick person. like take notes and get medicine and tea and make me medicine and tea and leave me notes and offer to get me anything and everything. i'm very grateful.

the plan is to catch up on math and chem this week and cram math studying and ethnic studies inclass essay prep this weekend and then catch up and cram psych after my first three finals finish on tue. we're good. assuming i get better by saturday.

also, studying and stressing apparently pays off very well, so i discovered after seeing my second chem midterm score. still trying to decide if its worth it tho.

ok. hopefully i get better soon because this is beginning to get bothersome and a little worrying with finals so near.


  1. lol. i like how you use "we" sometimes.

  2. oh i didnt notice lol.

  3. ^ "sometimes" is a misplaced modifier! =O