haha i am done with my detailed four year plan on this handy dandy program that microsoft has come out with called excel. it involved extensive research on upper div bio classes and will probably change, but oh well it was fun using the functions and colorcoding and everything haha. it predicts my probable graduation in 11 quarters and almost maxing out the number of units i'm allowed to take. am i driving myself hard, yeah maybe, but my brain needs the exercise. i slacked enough in high school. i would like to take a screenshot and show everyone, but it doesnt all fit in the window at the same time. so too bad. so many interesting classes, i'm excited. is it weird for one of a human bio major's most looked forward to classes to be phys 2d, quantum physics and relativity? hehehe. maybe ill decide to change my major after i take it. it wont be too late lol jk. no way am i giving up my much coveted spot in the bio department.

today was a good day. hanging with yuji was cool. hanging with dean was cool. hanging with kevin was cool. i'm so happy to be in cupertino but at the same time i miss ucsd.

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  1. my plan got messed up. =[[[. oh well, at least i have alittle bit of flexibility...