hm but i must say, getting most of your finals done before the second day of finals is half over is pretty nice.

chem did not own me. it was a pretty balanced struggle. thats a good sign.

i have an ear infection???

jesus, my lover and savior, <3<3<3

mental playlist: the words i would day (sidewalk prophets)
btw if you havent noticed, i put the song i currently have stuck in my head or, if i have music playing, the song currently playing from my itunes or whatever, here. 95% of the time, i have a song stuck in my head. and it just plays over and over and its almost like i can really hear it, even if i dont know the song that well. my brain apparently remembers audio things very well. music at least. not names, haha. anyway. one day it will be interesting to go back and see what songs i had in my head and what music i listened to.


  1. you should use ron freeman's ear infection remedy. i dont know what it is though. i think it was rubbing alchohol and vodka or something?

  2. Musical head is absolutely a wonder. I got it 20% of time, mostly in the morning, mostly one of the hymns, which I do not really remember the lyrics. -- Definitely a sign of being blessed.

  3. @bryan
    something that elena has alot of in her room xD
    good luck
    since i'm in 8th grade
    i have no finals
    except for the one at the end of the year

  4. rubbing alcohol or vodka?