home at last but i realized that the disorder at home scatters and confuses my brain by feeding me too many stimuli simultaneously, and so i feel lazy and time-wasteful at home. and so nothing gets done because i cant clean cuz im overwhelmed by how much there is to clean. stuck. plus this moody weather makes me lazy too. everythings dark so i should be sleeping.

rawr i need structure. i need to throw away and donate some junk but my dad is such a packrat and wont let me get rid of anything useless.

i rather like living at school more now just cuz theres more order there. somehow, i crave structure, but i have a hard time generating it myself.

mental playlist: satisfy (tenth avenue north)


  1. hah you fail. should i come over there and make you? maybe you should hire a housemaid. maybe you should just let it be because once you leave. the house is gonna get dirty agian. especially since u wont be there for 3 months.

  2. yay go elena
    visit us today :3
    don't be a ditcher
    haha dawning says she doens't wanna come