lol i just realized that this blog is titled hello, real world because i thought i'd be meeting the real world once i was out of cupertino. lol. just kidding.... ucsd is no more the real world than mv. i dunno if theyre actually both the real world or its just another bubble. but its pretty similar. i need to change the name of this blog. maybe they're both the real world. why did i even think in the first place that college would be realer than high school? maybe i thought cupertino was a bubble because its pretty upper income and safe and abnormal in the sense that its overacademically driven and superazn. but if there's anything i learned in "the real world," its that upper income people really arent so different from lower income people, that cupertino is def not the only safe suburban town in california, and mv is far from unique in being overacademically driven and azn. you want a bigger scale of mv? go to berkeley. and to a lesser degree, ucsd. and every other high school in california that sends more than 50 students to ucsd a year (and probably berkeley and davis too) is probably very similar to mv in culture. OH MAYBE THE WHOLE WORLD IS A BUBBLE. or maybe california. or maybe the entire usa. or maybe the entire student population? ... maybe its our socioeconomic class?

anyway the point is that i shall change the name of this blog.

mental playlist: before the throne of God above (selah)


  1. gaha. the whole world is, of course, a bubble. cupertino is a bubble, san diego is a bubble, berkeley is a bubble, san jose state is a horrible bubble. each city, in my opinion, is a bubble. some bubbles might overlap alittle. but to understand the bubble of the US, u must visit many cities to experience every sort of bubble. to understand the bubble of the world, u must visit many cities in many countries. keke. cultures. why are there bubbles? how did they ever come to exist in the first place? and what will happen if we try to pop it. its now the Joker scenario. put a few serial killer in Cupertino, and watch all the cupertinians lose their minds. outrageous.

  2. meh change your title to so i think i'm not a flirty mc flirt flirt
    you can comment now haha
    its amazing you can write about just a reflection of ucsd
    be a smart azn