my cat has cancer. who would have guessed? but she seems to feel fine, so i dunno. we have no idea how far advanced it is. did you even know that animals could get cancer? anyway. what i would seriously like to know is why the hell did the vet not do anything about it when we showed it to him 7 months ago. he gave her medicine for her poor teeth and hairball medicine. talk about putting a bandaid on a broken arm. cs lewis said that satan would love to cure us of our chilblains to give us cancer, to rid us of our vain pride to give us the deadly kind of pride that makes us think we're too good to care what others think.

anyway. i also apparently threw away my japanese workbook from junior year that i still need for japn 20b. darn.

i also decided 70% that i will discontinue japanese after this quarter and do linguistics for my area of focus instead. mix it up a bit and lessen the pressure next year.

mental playlist: he is (mark schultz)


  1. lol interesting way to suddenly tie in what cs lewis said.