oh AND i got to the chapter in mere christianity where cs lewis talks about the phenomenon of time and how it doesnt apply to God and seriously, he used pretty much exactly all the same analogies that i came up with 3 years ago while pondering the same matter in china. seriously. if i wrote what i thought were my own original thoughts in a paper, i would have seriously gotten busted for plagarism. what the heck. but i love cs lewis's analogies. he makes so much sense. like seriously, he explained the relationship of the 3-1 God by comparing the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit to six 2d squares making one 3d cube. whoaaaa... theyre three in one dimension, but they're one in a higher dimension! dude. cool.


  1. u should show me that sometime.

  2. Trinity God is not that abstract as you think, if you can forget about the philosophical God you learnt from a seminary textbook, or from a preacher's description(they got the vague idea mostly from the seminary textbook), and read Father, Son, Spirit from Bible.

  3. hahaha, that's cuz the Spirit is in both you and cs lewis, of course, you guys came up with similar analogies.

    and i knew you would like the theology chapters in that book hahaha.