somehow i feel like i would be happier if i did do christmas presents this year. so i have a proposed compromise for next year. be stingy on myself but not on others. there's my new years resolution. i will spend max $40 a month on myself including groceries, laundry, and all that jazz, but not including school or plane tickets to/from school. starting january cuz i already maxed that out this month. OH WAIT NO I DIDNT. i'm only at $34.96. amazing. but we'll make it so unused money carries over in case i need to save up for something. okay. and then ill give the best presents ever next year jk maybe not but i'll try.


  1. fried noodles12/18/09, 11:01 AM

    40 is so little...O_O

  2. yay4elena
    i get to spend 0 a month