to do over break:
- clean up the house. make everyone happy.
- finish mere christianity. and boundaries i forgot about that book.
- read my psych textbook for the heck of it?
- review japanese
- devos every day from wes' church's thingymabobber
- eat real azn food
- bake a million cookies and share the love
- cook and share the love for a waterwalkers reunion
- possibly visit relatives in vancouver and share the love
- cheerios reunion and update them on everything
- of course, meet and catch up with friends. hang out, play, eat, have a good long-awaited talk.
- catch up with church people. encouragement
- visit afc.
- visit mv.
- advertise ucsd
- do some hard thinking and ponder the balance between working hard in school and doing more meaningful things, between being comfortable with failure and trying to get into med school, between hanging out to have fun and hanging out to build meaningful relationships.
- do some more hard thinking and ponder my own disgusting pride. i want to be humble.
- enjoy my own piano. worship at my own piano. continue to overcome my insecurity about my voice in favor of worshipping w/o restraint.
- write background music for wes' songs

itunes: shackles (praise you)/more love more power (coast vineyard worship)


  1. cook and share the love for a watermelon's reunion.

    thats what i read.

  2. yay sista, a break with purpose!

  3. <333333 WE HAFTA CATCH UP b4 I leave for oregon :P