20 hum discussion sections this quarter, one down, 19 to go. its gonna be tough. oh wait maybe itll be better after we finish with the bible in 3 weeks. it was God's blessing that i got put into the "God did not lie" group for the essay prompt. otherwise i would seriously... not be able to contribute at all. as it is, i dominated the discussion. they werent talking. but really, somehow i'm no where near as articulate when i'm in a group of strangers than when im with one person i know well. i could not defend my position as i would have liked, and as i will write in my essay. i am going to own this essay. too bad it's not graded.

mental playlist: to God alone (aaron shust) - that's my prayer.


  1. wow really praise God and thank God that you got into that group. relieved and glad.

  2. Keep up good works. I'd like to read your essay after you write it.

  3. [insert comment here]