as annoying as this essay was to write, i have somehow managed to thoroughly convince myself that God in no way lied when he said that they would die on the day they ate of the fruit. in fact i have convinced myself better than before, somehow. in fact i am learning a lot just by reading what i wrote, which do not appear to be my own ideas anymore (credit to God... not some person who is helping me plagarize, lol). what a thoroughly depressing essay this is turning out to be, though. complete death as a result of one action. morbid as hell haha. literally. if i didnt already feel that life is meaningless outside of jesus, and if i didnt know jesus, i REALLY would find it meaningless now. who is the source of life and everything good? God. what is most damaged by their actions? their relationship with God, their father, the source of life and everything good. so what's left? some remnant of physical life. whats crucial to physical life? food and having babies. what becomes extremely difficult after the fall? obtaining food and having babies. and what happens after you struggle to eat and have babies in pain all your physical life? you die physically too. wonderful, i have successfully convinced you all of the meaninglessness of this life too. BUT NEVER FORGET JESUS, THE REVERSAL OF THE CONSEQUENCES OF THE FALL. haha God is too good. unfortunately i must leave jesus out of this essay and leave it unresolved. they will just have to seek the answer themselves.


  1. It is not just that one action of eating the fruit, it is the thoughts and feelings behind that one action, which is distrusting to God. So how does God go about fix it? Restore the trust!

  2. BelowASeed1/9/10, 5:40 PM

    i agree with that seed above me.

  3. Whenever you investigate a crime, you judge it the criminal's by motivation, same here when discuss sins, so non-believers would see your point.