assassins day 2: it's called gotcha here. the game i mean. nothing much happened today. i carried a borrowed teddy bear in my pillowcase which still has its mysterious bloodstain on it. oh yes so i was walking back from class and my target came up from behind and started talking to me and nancy. but she was holding her stuffed animal in a pillowcase so i couldnt tag her. she told us she was going to a meeting and proceeded to head into the why not here lounge. hmmm... so i decided to come back in half an hour, hope the meeting was still happening, hope she let down her guard and put down her thing, and tag her. so i came back in half an hour with an entourage of people to seem normal, walked into the lounge and pretended to be normal, but she wasnt there. snooped around nearby while pretending to be normal but to no avail. i had waited too long before going back. i thought it'd be too suspicious if i came right back after leaving her... but yeah. i also find myself doing a variety of other stalkerish behavior such as counting windows to find out which one's hers and sitting in the hallway while talking on the phone so i can watch her door. i'm totally normal.

and then i played uno cuz my brain burned out and it felt like finals week.

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  1. in my opinion. thats not stalkerish enough.