assassins day 3: today was quite an epic day. number one, i killed my ra by the following method: walked up the stairs on the other side of the building so i could walk by her room, saw that her door was open, pretended to be visiting neilsons suite, which is right next to it, and saw that she was inside as i walked by. so inside the suite, i thought about how i could get her to either come out or invite me in, cuz her room is safe for her unless she invites you in. so. i said neilson, i'm going out the other door and i'm gonna come around and knock on this door and pretend to wait. dont open it. i will chat with angie as i "wait." ok. so i tried to do that except he opened the door anyway. because his suitemates were getting anxious at the knocking, he said. so now i was right back in the same suite and nowhere closer to getting angie. except now i had half the suite hanging around seeing what was going on, and on my side. so we decided that i would go and ask angie a question about something. so we went and i was like hey angie, i was just wondering if you had any more of those scheduler thingys from the piece o' time event earlier this week? shes like oh yeah yeah, come on in, and turns around and starts digging in her drawers. so i killed her. AHAHAHHAHA i cant believe i killed her. now the whole floor knows cuz she put it on her fb status. and on the floor poster where you can write your stories. AND she gave me her boxers for friday's safety cuz she was like NO, IF MY KILLER DIES, THEN I DIED FOR NOTHING. yes friday's safety is to wear your underwear on the outside, which i wasnt gonna do. but now.... EXCITING EVENT NUMBER TWO: so i found out who my next target is, and after lunch, i just so happened to be standing by the stairs again, and i saw him come out of his suite and go towards the garbage chute. he didnt appear to have an i love argo 5 sign (the safety for today) so i started walking towards him. he came back around and started back towards his suite. i closed the gap and he got suspicious. so i jumped forward to tag him but he started running so i started chasing him but he was faster and i fell cuz i was running faster than was possible lol (and now i have a piece of the floor on my jeans, yes). since the building is arranged as a square around a courtyard, he ran around the entire building, and i yelled for my friends to block him from the other side cuz they were still by the stairs. but he just ran right through them and down the stairs. I WAS THISSSS CLOSE I'M SO MAD. and now he knows i'm after him so he's gonna avoid me. or be safe. i didnt get much work done today cuz i was scheming or fuming about aaron the whole time i wasnt in class. like i went into the common room to "do my chem" while watching his suite door. saw him come out and tried to kill him again but he had a sign. and then my little birdie told me he was going to karate at 6 and was currently suiting up, so i was like yes, maybe he wont have his sign. so i stood outside his suite door by the laundry, but i didnt have a good view of his door and i wasnt sure which stairs he would take. finally i decided that since he knows i'm after him, he's gonna go the way that doesnt go by my door. so i went downstairs and waited in ambush by the stairs/elevator. i waited for 15 min until 6pm but he never came, so i think either he got tipped off that i was there or he just happened to go the other way. i'm still so mad about losing him. AND i think i have a very good guess who is after me due to another little birdie and a random group of girls "walking by my suite" and coming in to say hi while i was "working" (working as a stalker more like) in the common room.


  1. ur post was at 11:11

  2. Sounds like this game takes much energy. Those who are not serious about it got killed first, then out of the game?