assassins day 4: tried to stalk aaron to his hum section, but i failed cuz i waited outside but it turned out he wasnt in that class. but then when i went to lunch, he was there getting food, but you cant tag people waiting in line for food so i waited behind the screen til he came out and i finally killed him, yesss. and then i got my 4th target the same day cuz she was easy even tho i've never seen her in my life before. she didnt care about the game and i caught her in plaza too. i heard from whom i think is my predator that my 5th target isnt that into the game either, but i heard from other people that she was, i dunno. funny cuz right after i got the green slip from #4, i was reading the stories on the gotcha poster across the elevator and  laughing at what aaron wrote about his adventures of being my target (and i wrote a response haha), when #5 comes out from the elevator unprotected. IF ONLY I HAD BEEN MORE ON MY GUARD i woulda gotten her, but she saw me and dashed into her suite with her suitemates before i could react. unfortunately. but its ok, i will begin eating at distant cafe v more often to increase my chances of seeing her, as i heard that she works there.

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