first of all it feels like spring here. tshirt weather. very fun.

i am actually kind of looking forward to hum now cuz we get to read part of the old testament and sophocles. sounds very interesting. and i'm supposed to finish reading the book of genesis by friday. well i was reading genesis over break anyway haha. ahead already. the writing sounds a bit intimidating tho. but i think i'll enjoy the reading. we're reading out of the new revised standard version which, imo, is similar to nlt in terms of understandability. i can speed read. :]

the reputation of my current chem prof is far lower than that of dr hoeger from last quarter, but i think i like him better actually. he focuses so much more on fundamental concepts. he didnt introduce himself or do greensheet or anything, he just started lecturing. it was disorganized, sure, but he truly does know chem very well. i dunno i feel like with him, i will understand. with hoeger, i feel like i only got a surface understanding. and yes, he kind of did assume that we had a strong background in calc and physics, which many of us dont, and somehow he managed to speak very advanced stuff while emphasizing fundamental concepts. and it was hard to understand at points, but it was ok. a little like stark + birdsong in one. a little like when they start talking about stuff they know is over your head, outside of the curriculum. a little like when i get a taste of quantum physics/astrophysics. apparently we're going over chapters 12 and 13 again. i guess that gives us an advantage cuz we did up to chapter 14 last quarter? i will probably get owned anyway, but i think i will thoroughly enjoy this class. just like physics honors with birdsong, but this goes far deeper. he was talking about mixing gases and how that affects the variables and degrees of freedom and somehow he managed to simultaneously talk about index of refraction!!! amazing. i was so excited when he did that. this guy knows what he's talking about, and he talks to us like we're chemists.

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