i'm back on facebook because i died. this is how i died at 11something pm on day 9. i had  just gotten into bed when people outside began screaming. that's not unusual, but it was especially commotional and it was 11something pm. so i got up to look, and apparently it was hailing. just about the whole floor was out being amazed by the weather and i wasnt protected cuz i just got out of bed, so i was careful to watch for jeannette, whom i knew was targetting me, and sandra, whom i knew was targetting jeannette, in case jeanneatte had died and i didnt know it. what i didnt know was that there are two sandras on the floor and i knew the wrong one. so it was really dumb, but this girl came up and hugged my suitemate who was standing next to me and made a motion as if to hug me too. except she killed me. IS THAT THE STUPIDEST WAY TO DIE OR WHAT, CUZ OF THE WEATHER.

anyway. i walked into the stairwell after class today and it wasnt raining, but then when i came out on the 5th floor, it was pouring.

and ucsd needs a better drainage system. you cant even avoid puddles when it rains hard cuz the entire ground becomes a puddle/river. better known as flooding. i have discovered how convenient flipflops are when it rains.

mental playlist: let it go (tenth avenue north) - i was getting stressed last night cuz i have a japanese essay and hum essay due next week on top of regular readings, but then for some reason when i woke up i had this song in my head. the chorus goes "you said let it go/you said let it go/you said life is waiting for the ones who lose control/you said you will be/everything i need/you said if i lose my life its then i'll find my soul." it was a good reminder to let go of school work.

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