1. i am going to ucla on monday to say hi to erica and wenny yay. :]

2. i am way ahead in my work. such as i'm writing this essay that's due next wed like 4 days in advance.

3. i am having a hard time picking my classes for next quarter. general chem, chem lab, and hum for sure. the linguistics class i really want to take conflicts with chem, and if i add another class it might be pushing it. but i really want to take physics. or i can take really easy classes that are fun that don't help me towards graduation at all except REALLY max out my unit cap for graduation and restrict me for the rest of my college career. unless i add a minor.

4. gosh, vegetables cost so much at ralph's.

mental playlist: God with us (mercyme)

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  1. The Boondock Saints2/12/10, 2:29 PM

    im pushing it. maybe you should just go at a joggin pace throughout instead of a sprint then walk or viceversa.