according to the definition of jazz music from my music class, jazz is pretty much anything you improvise. well in that case we sing to a sort of jazz music at church. and i play solo jazz piano all the time.

oh btw i blew the last dilemma like way out of proportion. i didnt cause conflict and destroy relationships and all that junk. haha.

is "legit" socal talk?

so i realized that since i got down here, i use "hecka" like way less. interesting. NOOOOO.

i am considering taking a bunch of part time quarters instead of graduating early.

ok i have to admit. my chem class is harder than physics was. but that's because all the book stuff is pretty much self-study. the lectures are there to take the book material to a whole deeper level. am i learning a lot? is it all just going in one ear and out the other? no idea. i'll decide after i finish this class if i actually learned it or not.

btw, i'm here writing about nothing because i'm too tired to put my full self in struggling to understand chem here. i have a midterm on monday and before then i have to go through every lecture he gave since the beginning of the quarter to try to understand them. we like procrastinating. good luck to my cramming.

meanwhile, japn is easy, hum is pretty easy (never thought i would say that), and mus is def easy.

i learned how to say "purple cow" in sign language. i can go to mv games now and cheer for our mascot guy with sign language. yesssss.


  1. me talk too much2/1/10, 11:10 PM

    in my opinion, that is not jazz.

    you definitely did make it out of proportion. you got me worried for. -_-.

    nope, legit is actually used very commonly around here also.

    welcome to social influence.

    i still plan on getting done ASAP since SJSU SUCKS!

    lets try quantam physics.

    there is absolutely nothing wrong with procrastinating....says bryan.

    i like easy pies.

    ooooo. teach me how to say purple flamingo.

  2. don't forget about health insurance eligibility if you're not a full time student.... yes you can expect me to be practical, whats your point? :P

  3. yes i didnt think legit was socal talk.

    i meant the mv class called physics honors under this attractive guy named birdsong.

    and there's such thing as quantum mechanics in chem too. which we begin on friday.

    i dont get health insurance from the school anyway.

  4. no you will not be eligible under your parents insurance unless you are a full time student

  5. oh good point. in that case i'll buy the school's.

  6. they usually require you to be a full time student with them to be eligible as well.

  7. ucsd requires you to be a registered student. i assume that means both part-time and full-time.