so. yesterday i wanted to listen to music because i couldnt play it. and then my headphones broke. today i wanted to try to play violin because i cant play piano and guitar. and then the violin broke too. i'm serious. God is doing this to me on purpose. gosh i'm gonna cry. its only been 4 days. so i've taken to writing poetry because that is the only channel i have left. maybe i will post it up afterwards if he doesnt shred my notebook too. and i hope it's ok to sing. sigh just watch. i'm gonna lose my voice tomorrow. and i'm going to lose my notebook. but i guess he gives so he takes away too, blessed be the name of the LORD.

mental playlist (just cant stop it): satisfy (tenth avenue north), hold my heart (tenth avenue north), you are (tenth avenue north)

funny how all those SONGS happen to apply real well right now...



  2. no actually i wasnt playing it when it broke. it just broke.

  3. EE I think you were thoughtless when you vow to fast from music. all music?? You need to read Numbers 30. You should also read Leviticus 5 about the sin of thoughtless vow, it's not non-redeemable when you confess it.

    Over years you take piano lessons, what was in my mind? --Use this to worship God is the highest purpose.

    Regarding complaint, it is one of the defenses, or communication, that is not disposable. You never complain much, but I watch you do it healthily and appropriately. I am thrilled about the way you say things that could be very negative, but you do it without any offense. There is nothing wrong to complain as far as you do it right and don't do that too often, with biterness or something.

  4. Are you be able to pray more by such fast?