so you may have heard about all the commotion at ucsd. or you might not have. to make a very long story short, basically some frat or something had a racially derogatory party and put ucsd in the name, and so unintentionally affiliated the university with the party, which caused big ruckus because it was racially offensive. the black student union (bsu) freaked out, and at the same time, some university sponsored radio station responded to the party in a more racially offensive way, and so funds for university radio stations have been suspended. and to make matters worse, we have a student run newspaper called the koala, which basically pokes (offensive) fun at anything and everything, so you can imagine what they did with this issue. and to make matters about 50 times worse, a noose was found hanging in geisel library, and those who werent yet worked up about this issue were suddenly very worked up because of this "act of racial terrorism." (the "criminal" later turned herself in and apparently it was not meant to be offensive at all; it was accidental) and so basically the whole university is freaking out and there have been protests and rallies and cancelled classes and i feel very bad for the chancellor who has to deal with all these angry people. many classes are cancelled today because of a protest against the fee hikes, but i can imagine how that can get out of hand with all the racial stuff going on. its gotten so bad that the university is allowing students to completely drop out this quarter and come back next quarter with no penalty. if you want real news stories, search ucsd under google news, or: Race Relations at UCSD

anyway. my opinion. i sympathize with the black students and everything, and i can see how the party was racially offensive and stuff, but i kind of think people are overreacting. maybe because i dont quite know what exactly happened, so i'm not as outraged as i should be, and i feel kind of bad for not sympathizing more. but from what i know, if i was a black student, i would say thats not cool, and leave it at that. i would not freak out. even with all the other stuff going on. honestly, the first thing i thought of when i heard of the noose was, how is that an act of terrorism? what if it's the product of a sad and lonely student with suicidal inclinations? that would be so sad. anyway. i think people are overreacting (or maybe i wouldnt say that if i came from a background that was more aware of the centuries of racial tensions in the us?), but i guess there's nothing i can do about that, and people truly are hurt and angry and offended, so how can i deal with it in a way that glorifies God? how can i love them?

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  1. You don't have to love anybody, until God bring you a real chance. You depend on Him to do any good, EE.