something really strange happened today. you may have seen videos of people with one leg shorter than the other getting healed. like here. you can literally see it grow out. well i've seen it too. .... but i saw it in real life today. and not only, but MY OWN shorter left leg grew out today. i am testifying to you that my leg grew out by the power of the holy spirit, and i saw it with my very eyes, and it was not a hoax. dig that.

it was also brought to my attention that jesus doesnt tell us to pray for healing for the sick, but he tells us to heal the sick. chew on that.

also, it was brought to my attention that jesus never turned away any sick person. jesus never told any sick person that it was God's will for them to remain sick, for whatever ungraspable reason. he only healed. so what makes us say "if it is your will, please heal so and so"? chew on that.


  1. where did jesus ever tell us to heal the sick. i only read matthews, john, and half of mark, so i dont know where it is.

  2. I don't know...my friend does this on the UC Davis campus, and ...I don't know what to think. I mean, yes! Of course! The more exposure of and for God's glory, the better! But...I mean, then, how do we look at cancer ? I mean, I don't know...it's just...too much to think about. =/

  3. in matt 10 and luke 9, 10, he tells the disciples to go heal the sick, among many other things. also interesting is mark 16:18.

    dawning, i totally agree that it's a lot to think about..... i'm really confused too, for some reason. when i saw videos, i totally believed, but now that i see it for real, i'm doubtful?? tho i dont see why we should see cancer as different from any other sickness... ive never tried commanding a sickness/injury to go away before. maybe if we had enough faith to do that, we might find that we really do have the power to heal. for some reason i dont have that faith in me right now tho.

  4. I don't think the divine healing has much to do with the size of your faith (the person who prays), or the sick's faith (the person who wants to be healed). There were a lot testimonies that God healed when nobody had much faith. God's healing power is simply something you cannot manipulate to work. But we certainly are requested to pray about it, because it's an important daily need of ours. He may or may not heal, but the sick feels much much better if he/she trusts.

  5. Matt 10:8 Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse lepers, cast out demons. You received without paying, give without pay.

    A gift is received before was asked to go out and minister.

  6. Hey Gazelle, is that friend of yours named Sam by any chance?

    Hey Elena! Did you have time to check out the teaching I sent you?


    No man has the power to heal, it is the the work of the Holy Spirit that flows through the believer.

    Jesus gave us all authority over the power of the enemy in Luke 10, we have every right to destroy the work of the enemy just as Jesus did (1 John 3:8, Acts 10:38).

    Jesus only gave 2 reasons as to why people didn't get their breakthrough. First, he rebuked the disciples for their unbelief when they couldn't cast out a demon out of a boy. Second, he rebuked the pharisees who rendered the Word of God of no effect because of their man-made traditions and teachings.

    God's healing power has already been paid for, and you cannot manipulate God to do something He already wants to do (Isaiah 53:4-5, Psalm 103:1-3, 1 Peter 2:24, Matt 8:17).

    Take God at His word. If He said it, He meant it, and He will stay true to His word. You have authority over all the enemy, command your mountains to move, and see what happens.

    You should watch this video: