God's been moving in my life.

so ever since spring break, i've been in some confusion about this divine healing business. long story, but it began with the leg growing out thing. i knew i wouldnt find peace until i brought myself to try to heal, but i couldnt bring myself to try because i didnt have that faith. it takes a little faith to say, God please heal this. it takes immensely more faith to say, in the name of jesus be healed. and fyi, the reason i even care about this is because God called me to divine healing some months ago. the whole, go into the health field and pray for healing thing.

anyway. i had lunch with soomin last week and i talked to her about it and she encouraged me so much. and she was sick. she encouraged me so much that i found it in me to ask her if i could pray for her. and so i found myself laying my hands on her and praying for her with another brother. hm. so we prayed and soomin said she felt something coming up.... but please do it again it's not quite gone. interesting.... so we did. and she said she felt 90% better, she'll let us know how she felt later, thanks. hm very interesting. and she told me later that it was gone gone gone. hmmmmmmmm........ exciting, but somehow i wasnt surprised.

also very interesting. the next day another friend asked that i pray for her grandpa who has many illnesses and is on the verge of death..... in la. the reason she asked me? because months ago i told her about God's calling. months ago. and it comes up today, how interesting. God, what are you doing? anyway. i prayed for her grandpa. i prayed in command form. and i was 100% sure he was going to be ok when i hung up the phone. i was sure enough to tell her that he was going to be ok. where did this faith come from??? small mustard seeds grow into big plants, don't they? i havent heard back since, which is a little concerning, but ...... we'll see.

mental playlist: only hope (caedmon's call)


  1. wow sis! thanks for the update! may God continue to do great things in your life as He always does!

  2. I've been kind of confused/conflicted about divine healing, too (but did not receive such a calling)...and I think it's kind of true that it will never be put to rest until we do it...