long time no post. i've been spending far less time online because real life is cooler than internet life. here is some randomness.

i really like my classes this quarter. i have two science classes, one math class, and one humanities class! i am thoroughly enjoying using my left brain in three classes and hearing about my bff jesus in the other class. i never thought i would like history and lit/writing, but the hum series is pretty awesome. i would dare say that i'm learning more about God/Jesus in my hum class than i do in church. as much, at least. LIKE TODAYS LECTURE WAS REALLY COOL. when God brought the israelites out of egypt, he had each family sacrifice a lamb for the first passover. the lamb was roasted and eaten, and the blood of the lamb was placed on the doorpost to prevent the angel of death from entering the house to kill the firstborn in the last plague. the lamb was a sacrifice to save the people within the house. well. Jesus was killed immediately after passover. the last supper was a passover supper, and there he breaks bread and says this is his body, eat it. and he pours wine and says this is his blood, poured out for us. and then he walks on to his death as a sacrifice to save us people. Jesus is quite literally the passover lamb. THE CONNECTIONS, THE CONNECTIONS. it's so deep. AND i am quite enjoying the confessions of st augustine. he is so cool. he KNOWS God, for reals, and he is hecka in love with him.

where am i with God? what a touchy question. i am riddled with doubts everywhere, but my love and faith in jesus stands strong. i can trust w/o understanding.... i suppose that's what faith is.

i had pearl milk tea today ("can i have a regular PEARL milk tea?" "...... with boba?" -_-) and it was raining, and it felt like norcal, and i got a little homesick. i miss my da di di especially for some reason. i had a dream about you last night, kevin, haha.

that is all for now. i'm sad my freshman year is almost over.


  1. Love is not a blind loyalty though. Bring your doubts to God the Father, and ask Him to give you the understanding/wisdom you need.

  2. You should read Reason for God, I think it's quite awesome :D I have discovered that intellectually, i find it hard to not accept God anymore Really interesting I must say.

    Oh, I'm reading The Shack now too, Doris said it's a good book :P I'll find out.

    Aw, well we can massively hang out summer and THE NEXT THREE YEARS OF COLLEGE!!! :D :D :D

  3. Oh, btw, call me sometime! Cause I might forget to call you. Can't now as it's midnight :P I had a dream about UCSD and it involved you/neilson/co-ed bedrooms/pirahnas....it was weirdddddd.

  4. Jesus is the passover Lamb; He was prepared and killed just before the passover. HIS last supper was not passover dinner according to the book of John. Jewish day begins at sunset, (evening). So passover lamb is killed and prepared for dinner just brfore sunset. In this whole event of Jesus finish the God's work on earth and give His Life to us, shows God's Love and He is in control.