just letting you guys know that i am indefinitely locking myself out of facebook until .... until i feel like it. i will see your wall posts and comments and stuff in my email, but that's about it. facebook has been way too me-centered and i need a break from myself. use the phone.


i think i just decided that my favorite class all year was hum 2 (rome, christianity, middle ages). my favorite class was a history/lit/philosophy class that ruined my gpa, above all my science classes which i owned! interesting. change major? naw. i think i mainly liked it cuz we got to talk about Jesus.

also, i just went through all the ucsd bio classes and picked out the ones i wanna do, and i allowed my classes to be as broad and random as i wanted cuz i'm a GENERAL bio major now.... and i just ended up choosing all the human bio classes anyway, minus one class. literally. change major back? maybe. might as well, i guess, if my self-designed bio major is gonna be exactly the same as a human bio major?



lol i went back to read my posts from the beginning of the year. now THATS an interesting experience. how far i've come. and how ironic some of the things i said. remember when i was super excited that i met the guy with the keyboard in his room cuz  he had a keyboard in his room and i jokingly said that i just met my new bffl? (here and here). well that actually turned out to be kind of true. and here i said that i was gonna be pro at guitar by summertime, and summer time is here and i would say that it's not too far from the truth. :] and some things, such as this and part of this, were the beginnings of themes that followed me throughout the year and played major roles in my growth this year. little did i know then. also from here it looks like i tried to study for my first chem midterm for two hours the night before. wow fail. lol. high school habits, lets just say. i would not dare to try that now. and my grades reflect the difference.

speaking of which, to any little sparkers out there, my virgin gpa has been ruined so you can let off the pressure now. haha, not by one grade, but two, but that's ok, i'm totally satisfied.


i totally hacked my way into the mv teachers facebook network. o.o. next thing to stalk: ucsd professors jk.


summertime! so far so good. vbs makes my mornings busy, but i do find myself with a lot of time in the afternoons and evenings. i havent gone crazy yet, mostly because every day God has (for lack of better words) called to me and spoken to me. you know what i mean? like i'm doing something, but im suddenly hit with the sense that i really need to stop whatever i'm doing and listen/pray a bit. what time consuming business, but time is what i have right now. and even if i didnt have it, i would make it. perhaps he always calls to me, but i only hear when i have time. in any case, if i was under house arrest with no visitors for the summer (what a nightmare), this would sustain me, that's how satisfying its been. this summer is not going to be one of flabbiness and forgetting about God between having fun and being bored. it's going to be a summer to enrich (yes, ENRICH) my relationship with God. a retreat of a sort, if you will. retreat from what, good question, but it doesnt matter. maybe retreat isnt the right word, because it implies that i'm facing away from God and moving backwards towards him in order to get away from the world. i shall rather turn around and call it an advance.

mental ipod: God gave (VBS)


hello again! end of the quarter, i can't believe it. end of the school year! end of my first year of college! nooooo...

it was a good year, much thanks to little spark, iv revelle dorm team, argo 5, the chem honors study group, the sea of nan, the son of neil, and the land of ly. and my daddy for his money. and especially to jesus, my love.

is college easier than high school? well, content-wise, usually not. but there's so much more time to do stuff and the workload is so much smaller that it seems much easier and less stressful. oh my gosh, i actually know what free time is now. jk, high school wasnt that bad except for senior year. AND the social life is much better if you live on-campus.

anyway, this week was supposed to be chill. but the LS end-of-year/senior-appreciation party and IV's dorm team appreciation banquet ARE ON THE SAME DAY AT THE SAME TIME on friday. so. what a hard decision, but i figured i see the LS people all the time anyway, and i really want to appreciate dorm team a lot. so DTAB it is. so i got myself involved and this week isn't so chill anymore. we're having skit practice at 11pm. that's my bedtime. so i guess i'm not sleeping much tonight. and i'm going to the beach for a bonfire at 8:30 with my LS small group. how tiring. AND i have/had free time 12pm-8:30pm. how unbalanced. i am not a night person. this is throwing me off. i feel like i'm preparing for an allnighter.

anyway. next week will be chill, unless i overbook again. i look forward to you, finals week.

and i will miss you, argo 543. what good times we had. taboo, uno, scrabble, hiding in the closet, sailor moon, study parties, pbj fests, violin lessons, jam sessions, massage parties, stalking, and the overall hub of LENN life. but next year! we'll make matthews A5 the next (dry) party spot. (cooking parties!)

mental ipod: even when (seven places)