hello again! end of the quarter, i can't believe it. end of the school year! end of my first year of college! nooooo...

it was a good year, much thanks to little spark, iv revelle dorm team, argo 5, the chem honors study group, the sea of nan, the son of neil, and the land of ly. and my daddy for his money. and especially to jesus, my love.

is college easier than high school? well, content-wise, usually not. but there's so much more time to do stuff and the workload is so much smaller that it seems much easier and less stressful. oh my gosh, i actually know what free time is now. jk, high school wasnt that bad except for senior year. AND the social life is much better if you live on-campus.

anyway, this week was supposed to be chill. but the LS end-of-year/senior-appreciation party and IV's dorm team appreciation banquet ARE ON THE SAME DAY AT THE SAME TIME on friday. so. what a hard decision, but i figured i see the LS people all the time anyway, and i really want to appreciate dorm team a lot. so DTAB it is. so i got myself involved and this week isn't so chill anymore. we're having skit practice at 11pm. that's my bedtime. so i guess i'm not sleeping much tonight. and i'm going to the beach for a bonfire at 8:30 with my LS small group. how tiring. AND i have/had free time 12pm-8:30pm. how unbalanced. i am not a night person. this is throwing me off. i feel like i'm preparing for an allnighter.

anyway. next week will be chill, unless i overbook again. i look forward to you, finals week.

and i will miss you, argo 543. what good times we had. taboo, uno, scrabble, hiding in the closet, sailor moon, study parties, pbj fests, violin lessons, jam sessions, massage parties, stalking, and the overall hub of LENN life. but next year! we'll make matthews A5 the next (dry) party spot. (cooking parties!)

mental ipod: even when (seven places)


  1. A verse for you to meditate on as you take on the little sleep and finals. :)
    Jesus: "Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid." (John 14:27)

  2. thank you! it wasnt that bad at all. i just slept longer the second day and got the normal amount of sleep, haha.